How to Turn Social Media To Your Customer Service Point

Have you ever wondered why lots of companies and businesses use social media as a customer service center?

I know what you’re thinking; social customer service centers are not always so responsive. Well not in all cases, their profile is not just there for the fun of it, and in this era, most people are taking their social media profile very seriously.

Social media is a very big marketplace with millions of visits every day; using it as a customer service center will add a lot of benefits to your business or company by giving you positive reviews from customers and a great online presence.

In this technology era, lots of people expect to see businesses on social media; they also expect to get easy access to help whenever they need it.

Using social media as customer support will help improve relationships with your customers; it will help build your brand’s reputation or image positively. In addition, it will increase your brand’s credibility and build loyalty.

Below are ways to use social media as an effective customer service center.


Customer service is the backbone of every business, and when customer service is poor the business is doomed to fail. Therefore social media customer service should also be seen as a priority and not taken with levity.

Take it as a business on its own. You can employ those who can help you manage it and respond to every comment and inquiry if you have your hand full.

This is one of the best ways to retain your customers because they will be confident that every time they need help with your services you are always there to render it.


Many customers expect an instant response when they make inquiries about a certain issue, and when they don’t get it they feel disappointed.

The best social media customer service technique is attending to comments, reviews, inquiries, and even complaints as quickly as you can to avoid having negative reviews about your services or business.

This might compel them to complain openly over social media, stop them from buying or doing business with you, and even stop them from recommending your services to anyone. I’m sure no one wants that, everyone loves positive reviews.


Most business owners make this mistake; they don’t know how to reply to a comment or a negative review that was dropped on the page or profile.

Not all customers are the same, some are troublesome and you cannot satisfy them. They might drop a negative review on your page and you must learn how to handle this. You must determine whether the issue should be handled openly or in a private chat.

For instance, if you are into the shoe business, and you displayed a shoe on your social media page, someone showed interest and bought it, but you didn’t realize it had some defects. The customer can go to your page to drop a nasty comment. You as a business owner must know how to handle this situation, determine whether to settle it openly or privately and prevent it from escalating.

However, in this case, the best way to settle it is openly, and take it into a private chat. You should start in a friendly way by apologizing, followed by creating a solution, and requesting a private chat; you can decide to either give the customer a refund or change the item he/she purchased.

Either way, aim to solve the problem, this will build a solid trust in other customers and give you a head over other business owners.


Put yourself in the minds of your customers and visualize potential questions they might have or want to ask, turn this into educational content, and post it on your social media page.

For example, if you have a hairline, you don’t have to wait for your customers to ask you questions on how to maintain the hair extension that was purchased from you.

You can think of questions you think they might like to ask and do a video on it to educate them on how to utilize your product and services the best way, you can even share a post on how to maintain the hair extension.

Your social media profile should serve as the most appropriate place to share educational content.

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